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2001 Itinerary Andes Trek 2001

Sunday July 1, 2001

  • The group traveled four hours by bus through the towns of Carhuaz, Mancos, Musho, Tumpa, Huashco, Hushno and Armapampa. Arrived Sunday evening at Huaypan where camp was made for the first night (Elevation 10,300 feet).

Monday July 2, 2001

  • Distance walked was 6.975 miles. The group started in Huaypan by passing out literature to the adults and children of the school. Hiking through Congar, half of the group went to Shilla and the other half to Llipta. The group arrived at the base of Hualcan where camp was made (Elevation 11,500 feet).

Tuesday July, 3 2001

  • Distance walked was 11.361 miles. The group walked through the tundra with the highest point being 12,280 feet. Mountains in view were: Ranrapalca Ishinca and Vallunaraju
  • The group traveled through Copa Chico, Copa Grande, Hullaray and Vicos. Camp was made at the river at Vicos (Elevation 9,517 feet).

Wednesday July 4, 2001

  • Distance walked was 8.192 miles. The group hiked through Recuayhuanca, Huapra and camped at the ruins of Homcopampa (Elevation 11,411 feet).

Thursday July 5, 2001

  • Distance walked was 13.377 miles. The group left Homcopampa and hiked along the Quebrada Honda (Valley of Rio Honda) through Rinconada. The group arrived to driving sleet and rain in Pomibamba where camp was made (Elevation 13,600 feet).

Friday July 6, 2001

  • Distance walked was 13.93 miles. The group hiked two miles to the pass of Portachuelo de Honda at 15,613 feet then proceeded through the Quebrada Juitush. An additional twelve miles were walked to meet buses between the cities of Pompey and Chacas. The bus that carried the group went through a vehicular pass at Elevation 4890 meters.


  • 54.27 miles walked;
  • 7329 calories consumed;
  • 16.29 hours (not including stops);
  • 62,600 steps;
  • lowest elevation, 9774 feet;
  • highest elevation, 15, 613 feet.


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