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Andes Trek Report: 2001

Text and Photos by Greg Rummo

gregandkidWe began our 2001 trek on Sunday afternoon, July 1. after eating a quick lunch at Cafe de los Andes in Huaraz, we jumped into our two buses and headed for Carhuaz. We handed out New Testaments and Gospels of Luke (in Spanish) and a cartoon style harmony of the gospel tract, including the book of Acts, called Shumaq Dibujuyoq Mushoq Testamento (in Quechua) in the town square. The response was so great, we held a preaching service. Adelid Yanac, our Quechua guide prayed with several people to receive Christ. Some of our other colleagues--missionaries themselves in Peru who are fluent in Spanish--shared the Gospel using "evangelism cubes." From Carhuaz, our buses took us through Mancos, Musho, Tumpa, Huashco, Hushno and Armapampa. In each village, we passed out New Testaments through the windows of the bus or stopped and spoke with people briefly. Four hours later, we arrived in Huaypan where we made our first camp. After an overnight at 10,300 feet, we started walking Monday morning.

carhuazOur first stop was at the school in Huaypan that morning where we passed out Bibles. The Lord had already been at work ahead of us (He always is) and the men of the village had assembled at the school for some road work. Consequently, we were able to put God's Word into the hands of virtually all of the able-bodied men in the village. From Huaypan, we walked through Congar, Shilla and Llipta, stopping at each adobe brick house, in the fields along the way and in the schools where we were warmly welcomed.

huaypanOver the course of the week, we visited many other villages, including Copa Chico, Copa Grande, Hullaray, Vicos, Recuayhuanca and Huapra. All but one school allowed us to pass out Bibles. We camped one evening at 11,500 feet at the base of Hualcan, and on another evening among the ruins at Joncompompa (11,411 feet). On the last night, we camped at 13,600 feet at Pomibamba. The next morning we hiked out through Portachuelo de Honda, a 15,613 foot pass, then down the other side almost an additional 12 miles through the Quebrada Juitush to our buses on the main road between Chacas and Pompey. During the five days of Andes Trek 2001, we covered 54.27 miles at altitudes ranging between 9,774 and 15,613 feet. Click here for a comprehensive, day-by-day rundown of our travels.

This site is sprinkled with hyperlinks to other sites where you can learn more information on the Andes in general. I have researched the World Wide Web and added links to a number of interesting sites about Huaraz, the Cordillera Blanca and other Websites specializing in treks through the Andes Mountains. Some of these sites have good maps of the region along with spectacular photographs. I have tried to put everything you need to know about Andes Trek 2001 on this website, but if there's anything I've missed, or you just want to say hello, you can send me an e-mail with your questions or comments.


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