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Giving Out the Gospel

"Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?" (James 2:5)

P1010003The reason we trek through the Andes Mountains is to give the Gospel to as many men, women and children as possible. Never had I seen a more ready acceptance for the Word of God than among the Quechua in Peru. Roy Seals spoke to the children in Spanish. It was a simple message explaining to them how God had created the world and how one day, God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ to bleed and die on a cross for our sins and on the third day to rise from the dead. The children listened intently. After Roy was finished, we gave out New Testaments in Spanish and in the Quechua dialect. We also had candy for the children. Their teacher wept and told us we were the first people to visit their village with Bibles. The school children performed a song for us and we left for the next village.



yanamaDuring the 1999 trek, while our group was in Vaqueria, a second group split up and walked some extra distance to Yanama where they also had the opportunity to speak to a group of school children. Here, Phil Winfield prays for them. These precious souls were also given the Word of God and small toys and candy. Our hearts were touched to see the grace of God poured out on these beautiful
people of the Andes Mountains.




huaypanWe are raising money to purchase Bibles and other translated books of the Bible for future treks. Any contributions should be mailed to: The Andes Blanket c/o Grace Church 4200 E. 25th Street Des Moines IA. 50317








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